Music FunTime

Group Classes for Children Ages 18 months – 9 years old

Music FunTime class performance 12/23/17

We are excited to offer our innovative Music FunTime program to children ages 18 months through 9 years old which is sweeping the nation. Music FunTime is not your typical preschool playgroup. This program is a comprehensive, structured, progressive 96 week curriculum based on all the popular research of Music Uniting Both Hemispheres of the brain through music, making kids SMARTER! The children are in small group classes in a classroom structure where the teacher works individually with each student at their own pace. Many students complete the program in less than 80 weeks which is only 20 months. Our program teaches students to read basic music while instilling music to be a way of life.

Our students think they are playing while actually working on music theory with all of the materials, artistic music crafts, performances and homework. Classes are once a week for 30 minutes. Your child will receive 18 different materials along with many homework sheets which will only take a few minutes to complete.
Are you ready to build a solid foundation for learning how to how to play an instrument? Please call us at 312-842-5896 or send us an email at for class times we currently have available.
Please take a moment to watch these educational videos. – How Music Benefits Your Brain – Music FunTime Demo class with curriculum creator Debbie Yakabosky
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