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Yes You Can, With Steel Pan

Students at Owen County Elem. School learning a song on steel pan.

Mr. Johnson did a great job presenting information about the steel pans. I would highly recommend him to talk with your students.

-A.H. Owen County Elementary School

Are you searching for something new and exciting to bring to your school, library, club, or youth organization? Do you worry that events you’ve booked won’t leave a lasting impression or have a beneficial message? Have you been disappointed with groups you’ve hired who left the audience groaning and wishing they were somewhere else? You can put those worries aside by hiring Scott Johnson to present Yes You Can, With Steel Pan.

Yes You Can, With Steel Pan is a fun, educational program for children ages 7 – 12 that builds confidence, imparts musical and cultural knowledge, and provides an environment that promotes team work and the development of social skills.

Scott Johnson, author of three method books for steel pan, published by PANYARD, Inc., presents his Yes You Can, With Steel Pan program for schools, libraries, clubs, and other youth organizations. In a 45-minute presentation, participants in this program will learn where the steel pan comes from, how it is made, and hear examples of music played on steel pan. The excitement of the students really builds when they get a chance to learn how to play a song on the steel pan during the audience participation segment.

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Children have a great time playing songs on the student model steel pan Scott Johnson uses for the Yes You Can, With Steel Pan presentation. There are only eight notes on the instrument and the note names are written right on the playing surface. For the performance, there is a play-along recording and the sheet music has the note names written below the staff so anyone can play, even beginners who have no previous experience! Being able to learn and play a song in front of an audience is great for building confidence and creates a deep impression that students take with them.

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